As we have seen, there are many non-jews who aid and abet the Zionist Mafia for various reasons ranging from fear, to ambition, to just plain gullibility. The worst elements in the gullible category would have to be the mentally deranged Evangelical Christian Fundamentalists (funny-mentalists) who blindly and unconditionally support Israel's terror campaign because of some obscure passage in the Old Testament. The funny-mentalist cult believes that God wants the jews to have Palestine and "He will bless us if we bless Israel." Millions of Falwell's fools and Robertson's robots actually believe that by blindly supporting the murderous state of Israel, Jesus Christ will return and zap them up into Heaven! One has to wonder if the Mossad doesn't have some juicy little sex secret (ala Jimmy Swaggert /Jim Baker) on these multi-millionaire hypocrite preachers.

And oh how the Christian-hating Zionists are playing these brainwashed Evangelical fools! Terrorist Menachem Begin even gave Jerry Falwell a lear jet in 1979! (1)  That's right! The same bloody murderer that John F. Kennedy, Hannah Arendt, and Albert Einstein refused to meet with, the same terrorist who was the mastermind behind the King David Hotel bombing, the same butcher who was in charge of the massacre of Christians at Deir Yassin, (see Chapter 5), - gave Reverend Falwell a lear jet! Israel later awarded Falwell  the Vladimir Jabotinsky award during a fancy dinner ceremony in 1981.

In July of 2002, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) awarded Pat Robertson the State of Israel Friendship Award at its annual "Salute to Israel" Dinner.  Robertson has also been recognized with the Millennium Jerusalem 2000 Council Award by the State of Israel Jerusalem Heritage Study Programs, Defender of Israel Award in 1994 by the Christians' Israel Public Action Campaign, and the Distinguished Merit of Citation Award in 1979 by the National Conference of Christians and Jews. (2)

Robertson once claimed that God himself timed the sudden exposure of the Monica Lewinsky scandal to protect Israel from the growing pressure Bill Clinton was placing on Israel at that exact point in time. (3)(CBN, 700 Club) Actually, Robertson was partially right about the coincidental timing of the two events. Only it wasn't God who arranged for Monica Lewinsky to be secretly tape recorded, it was the Zionist Lucianne Goldberg. (see Chapter 8) Robertson knows this. The son of a former US Senator, Robertson is an intelligent man who understands all to well how these Machiavellian political chess games are played behind the scenes.

Apparently these funny-mentalists have never taken the time to actually read the NEW Testament, where Jesus Christ talks about peace, love, mercy, and the brotherhood of man. Before the Zionist financiers of his day conspired to have him crucified, Jesus had attacked them with a whip!  I am convinced that  if The Prince of Peace ever did return to earth, he would do likewise to Messrs. Sharon, Falwell, and Robertson!

The funny-mentalist Evangelicals might also benefit from reading the Koran; Islam's Holy Book. They would be no doubt be surprised (as I was) to learn that:

 The Christian Zionists fail to recognize these facts. The irony of the Christian Zionist love affair with the Zionists is that Christian doctrine is actually far closer to what the Muslims believe than it is to Judaism. Yasser Arafat's wife is actually a Christian as is Iraq's Minister Tariq Aziz and thousands of other Palestinian Arabs.  Deep down, the Zionists hate the Evangelicals almost as much as they do the Muslims. It is the Zionists who run Hollywood who churn out the blatantly anti-Christian junk that the Evangelicals are always complaining about! Next to "anti-semitism", the smear terms "radical religious right" or "Christian right", are Abe Foxman's favorite slogans.

 But rather than use God's greatest gift, our ability to think and reason, the funny-mentalists are content to let sanctimonious, Zionist loving assholes like Jerry Falwell, Gary Bauer, Ralph Reed, and Pat Robertson do their thinking for them. These "Christian-Zionist" multi-millionaires, who are highly influential within the GOP, have told their gullible audiences that the Islamic prophet Mohammed was a terrorist and a child abuser, while remaining silent as thousands of Palestinian Christians are humiliated and chased off of their land by Sharon's killers. While the Israelis laid siege to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the funny-mentalists were raising funds to finance the oppressors of the Arab Christians of Palestine.





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